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Are you looking for a beautiful ring to propose with? Know your facts! There are so many shapes of diamonds and each one represents something unique.



Round diamonds are classic. This outstanding shape brings out the most sparkle from the ring. If you want a timeless look for her ring, be sure to opt for the round diamond for her special day.



One of the most popular diamond styles is our princess shaped diamond. This cut looks great in any setting. A classic princess solitaire would be perfect for your queen.



Oval shape diamonds are the hottest trend! They aren’t just giving the ring a modern look, but it is also a popular choice for an East/West setting. Be sure to take a look at this ring for your trendsetter.



Brilliance and Fire define a Cushion shape diamond. This durable diamond creates an unique shape that creates a personalized engagement ring. You will make her feel special with a ring that she will cherish forever.



An Emerald shaped diamond has such a high appeal because of their elongated look. This diamond tends to look larger than the other diamond shapes. It is a marvelous look for an engagement ring. Get an emerald shape diamond for your one of a kind wedding.



Loved for their unique and beautiful shape, pear shaped diamonds are one of the trending shapes this season. This breathtaking diamond is not a traditional look, rather a modern and chic design. Pear shaped diamond will bring a sparkle in her eye.



A marquise diamond is a classic and historical shape. When placed within the right design, this ring gives a vintage and timeless look. The shape is anything but ordinary and will create the perfect engagement ring.



Nothing says I love you like a heart shaped diamond. Gift your loved one a beautiful heart engagement ring that will stand out from the crowd. Heart shaped diamonds are meant to symbolize love and passion and that is what they do! This unique design will be close to her heart.

Choosing the right engagement ring is a big part of the proposal process. Each diamond shape represents something different. Your love deserves a diamond that she will cherish forever. Visit our store to see engagement rings.

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