About Gold-N-Diamonds

Where Dreams Come True…


Gold-N-Diamonds a nationally recognized name in the jewelry business. Founded in 1992, Gold-N-Diamonds was created to serve the community Greenbelt, MD. However, in the last 25 years, the company has grown to cater a national audience serving of Texas, North Carolina, Atlanta and much more.

Today we are praised to be a jewelry store that is known for our exceptional jewelry collection and outstanding customer service.

Our mission:

Provide the utmost customer service for our customers and value them as our family.

Our vision:

Maintain life long relationships with our customers and celebrate the big moments in their lives. 

Why choose Gold N Diamonds?

Our Team:

Our secret to success has been our hardworking team members who have showcased the values of Gold N Diamonds. We believe that everyone who walks into the door is a part of our family.


Staff Testimonials

Working at GND is a great experience. We get to serve people and bring smiles on their faces. Under the best management, we learned how to understand and fulfill customers’ requirements.

Mike- 4+ Years working @GND

Working GND has family friendly environment. Managerial skill is well prompt to maintain peace and friendly relations with the staff and also with customer. GND has maintain good relations to the all the customers. Aziz, the manager, has always been a yardstick and back support.

Alex- Working 3+ years

Working at GND has been an experience of a lifetime. All of us here have been able to make it a family environment. Even our customers feel like family with and we treat them with respect and friendly manner.

Vinod- Working 12+ years- Assistant Manager

We give our best customer service and try to fulfill all the needs and requirements so they can enjoy their experiences in GND along with their jewelry and be a returning customer.

Dan- Working for 7+ years