The Ultimate Proposal Checklist

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There is more to a proposal beyond the ring that you choose (although, we do agree that the ring is perhaps the most important part of the proposal). Many men hyper-focus on choosing the ring and forget the other elements of a great proposal. We, at Gold N’ Diamonds, have got you covered. Along with providing a gorgeous engagement ring, we have cultivated this ultimate checklist for the perfect proposal. 

Have a conversation with her loved ones

You will get wonderful ideas while speaking to her loved ones. Keep them in the loop to ensure that she is truly blown away by your surprise proposal. 

Find the perfect engagement ring

Finding the perfect engagement ring is integral to a wonderful proposal. Each diamond shape represents a different quality and finding the diamond for your lady is one of the biggest choices that you will make. 


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Find a place to hide the ring 

You don’t want her to find the ring before you go down on one knee! Find the spot where she is least likely to look when curiosity hits her. You want to see her first reaction when she lays eyes on the beautiful ring that you have chosen for her. 

Pick a date

Calendar Image

Whether you choose to pop the question around a special day or choose a new date that becomes special is entirely up to you. Check her calendar before finalizing the date. You don't want any commitment conflicts at the last hour. 

Find a location 

Your future wife has envisioned the perfect proposal. According to her thoughts, you have to find the perfect location. Shortlist a few locations that she will like. You can either choose a place that holds special meaning to both of you or choose a new location that will become a place that you both will cherish forever. 

Choose the location that you want to propose at and call ahead of time to make the necessary arrangements with the decor and speak to representatives to help you figure out the details of the proposal. 

Choose a photographer or videographer

It’s a moment that you want to capture. Her face when she first lays eyes on her ring, the sparkle in her eyes,- it will be a moment that you want to look back upon for years to come. Do your research and find a photographer or videographer that will be there to capture that precise moment. 

Create a Game Plan 

Walkthrough your special day before you pop the question. Speak to your friends and family who are going to be present on that day and explain to everyone their roles in the proposal. Make sure you run through with the entire team to ensure that the proposal happens without any hiccups. 

Pro Tip: Do a walkthrough- it will help you find any unforeseen incidents that can be tackled ahead of time. 

POP the question and your speech

The time has come! You have spent weeks planning for this day… Connect with the people who will help you execute the proposal and ensure that everything is in order. Make sure to do a final rehearsal of your speech and speak from the heart. 

Take your future wife to that location with the ring that you have chosen for her. Take a deep breath and pop the question. 


Where are you going to celebrate? What happens after you hear that most awaited yes. It’s time to CELEBRATE! Celebrate in your own style and enjoy. This moment is a special one for the both of you. Enjoy it. 

A checklist for your proposal is integral for a seamless proposal. Here is a cheat sheet that will help you figure out the steps that you need to take. From the preplanning of the proposal to the post-proposal celebration, each step is an important part of the special day when she will feel like the queen of the world. 

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